Peg is a simple, and innovatively engineered collection of tables, desks and stools.
Centered around a beautifully simple idea of deconstructing the elements that make up tables and stools, and the development an elegant, graceful and more efficient way of combining the elements together than existing methods. Peg’s design creates an inseparable harmony between its aesthetic and function, while maximizing the effect and impact of both.
Each peg comes with four legs and a top, and thats it! making each piece as effortless simple as they look
Each piece in the range is handmade in the UK to the highest quality.

The design of the Peg collection is centred around the simple idea of developing a system with just the elements that make up any table or stool, those being the legs and the top. The design is created to be an intelligent, sophisticated yet incredibly simple collection of furniture. Reinventing the idea of flat-pack furniture, Peg’s innovation lies in its corners.

Simply insert the round Pegs into the round holes for the simplest flat pack experience you will ever have. The simplicity of Peg combines the great heritage of British engineering ingenuity with current digital manufacturing technologies.

Peg is designed by Bright Potato