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Primary Pouf 01

It’s a stool, a chair, a table and an eye-catcher in its own right. PRIMARY POUF 01, which was honoured with a triple Henri van de Velde Award (Belgium, 2001), is an all-time favourite among grown-ups and children alike. Soft materials and an uncomplicated design idiom are a tried and tested formula for a happy marriage. The sassy character of this comfortable, water-repellent stool with legs has made it a hit worldwide: look for PRIMARY in prestigious public spaces from San Francisco to Tokyo, from Stockholm to Cape Town.

This pouf can be customized in height. Contact us for more details.

  • 44cm / 17,3″ wide
  • 47.5cm / 18,7″ high

Available in

  • QM Foam
  • QM Tex
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Product Description

Stripped to the essence, PRIMARY is the first in a line that deserves to be called a Quinze & Milan classic.

PRIMARY collection kicked off the use of QM FOAM™,  a proprietary material developed and produced by Quinze & Milan.

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Coating color range

02 sand, 03 taupe, 05 dark purple, 06 purple, 07 magenta, 08 raspberry, 09 sky bleu, 10 lime green, 12 ochre, 14 black, 16 red, 17 anthracite, 18 white, 23 chartreuse, 24 orange, 25 yellow, 26 fire, 28 cream, 32 jaune pastel, 33 moutarde, 34 fiesta, 35 blue clair, 36 evening, 37 turquoise, 38 pastel green, 39 silver