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Custom Solution

To celebrate Chevrolet’s centennial anniversary, the car maker collaborated with design label Quinze & Milan on a temporary installation, involving a creative as well as a technical reinterpretation of the new 7-seater Orlando. Quinze & Milan coated all parts that are touched when using a car in its typical signature QM FOAMTMWith this exclusive avant-garde art car, Quinze & Milan demonstrated the possibilities of its versatile technology, and its flexibility to coat a wide range of surfaces. The collaboration also aims to disclose new perspectives and ways of thinking, and spread inspiration, while not losing the energy, drive and disregard for design convention that marked Quinze & Milan’s launch more than a decade ago.

Project Details

Client: Barco
Date: 2011
Architect: –
pictures: –



Our designs are never the end of a thought process, but the beginning of a dialogue, an exchange of ideas. Quinze & Milan has en extended experience with creating products based on the demands and needs of both architect and customer. Creating customized furniture guided by the support of our technical design team allows you to focus only on the design and functionality. Discover more